Big Bee Hive ring

    inspired by the matrix of hexagonal cells made of beeswax called the honeycomb. This fascinating structure has an organic and flexible form, exposing the negative space between body and material.

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    Cadi Jewelry means professionalism, high-standards, original artistic expression and excellent customer service. We mix cultures, styles and techniques, Integrating tribal motifs and innovative design trends

    Cadi mission

    We dedicate the important role jewelry can have in one's life to self expression, beauty and symbolism, all of which are inspired by both the physical and virtual environments that surround us daily. Our aim is to develop and produce a uniquely artistic style within the expressions illustrated in our jewelry and craftsmanship.


    Cadi has created a place where independent jewelry designers work under one roof, a common workspace. Our studio allows customers an intriguing glimpse into the world of jewelry making and grant a direct dialog between ideas and realizations.


    couple rings with a secret matching sun and moon, A minimalist design that transmits power and delicacy at the same time! Contemporary jewelry design by Cadi jewelry.

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