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georgeous black silver coin necklace with the face of Alexander Severus the last emperor of the Severan dynasty.A classic, elegant look with a dramatic contrast between the cold black silver and the warmth gold 18k plated silver.

This disc necklace of the Roman Emperor is a combination of handmade work and geometric accuracy. It is a replica of a genuine antique roman coin from year 222 of Alexander Severus the last Roman Emperor of the Severan dynasty Roman imperial. Combined with hints elements such as filigree which you can discover looking from its side view.

Transmitting power and delicacy at the same time. With a strong sense of sixty metal.



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-18k gold plated Sterling silver
- Black rhodium plated sterling silver.

- Handmade special soldering.

- Diameter 24 mm / 0.944 inches (approx)

An important note about the black Rhodium plating:
The sterling silver version with a black rhodium finish. That means it is a 925/000-regulated sterling silver alloy as base metal, with a Black Rhodium plating. The black color is, in fact, a fine thin layer applied electrolytically onto the silver surface. This is the most common plating process in the jewelry industry, being the only way to achieve this so desired glossy black finish on any precious metal. These beautiful and cool platings are also quite delicate and vulnerable. Sooner or later- they will wear off. Some conditions like: contact with harsh detergents, acidic water, friction and even a certain body PH (of wearer) may accelerate the loss of the plating color, and best be avoided.
Platings, being an outer coating layer, has nothing to do with the craftsmanship, quality of the jewelry piece itself.

- Available in:
18k gold/gold-/ rose gold/ black rhodium-plated sterling silver.

You can choose which part will be in which color :)
Also available in different finishes and plating
For more information, please contact us.
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