Our Website Launch

Posted on February 18, 2013 | 0 comments

We've been working hard on our new website to make sure it's easy for you, elegant yet has a trendy urban style. We invite you to check it out and see all of our collections.

Slowly but surely, we are positioning ourselves as a unique and fresh brand of jewelry that combines high quality materials and handmade details, using traditional techniques and innovate high-tech features.

On one hand, we infuse tribal, classical and oriental elements and on the other hand, new, conceptual, modern products which have captured clientele both at home and internationally.

At Cadi we are committed to professionalism, high-standards, original artistic expression and excellent customer service. 

We ONLY use the highest quality of materials: Gold, silver, gold-plated silver, steel, enamel and more. Everything we do is personal and made with love and passion. We invite you to check out the Etsy article where you can see our studio in Barcelona. We were also featured on the "Handmade-Europe Blog".







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